Casco Manufacturing Specializes in Cable Assembly Manufacturing

We offer custom solutions for manufacturing cables, assemblies, and harnesses to your exact specifications under the guidelines of our ISO 9001 certification. We work with all sizes of orders. Our quantities can range from one to thousands of cables.

Casco’s expertise in cable manufacturing and assembly covers just about every industry where cable connectivity is needed, and our products are made right here in the USA. Whether you are creating a new data center, telecommunications project, building new industrial machinery or are an OEM, Casco has a solution that gives you custom quality at highly competitive prices.

The markets we serve include:

If you have an upcoming project, or need a reassessment of a supplier you already use, we would welcome the opportunity to review your engineering specifications and provide a quote. If you are just in the planning stages, we will work with your team and bring our experience of cable manufacturing and assembly to the table to help you find the best solutions.

We invite you to call Casco today. You will find our unique solutions to be the right solutions to all your cable assembly needs.

We Are The Custom Cable Experts

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