Telco & Hydra Cables

As a custom manufacturer of all types of telco and hydra/octopus cables, Casco adheres to quality standards that exceed our ISO9001 certification. Our manufacturing solutions for these cables are fully integrated to provide prototypes to full production runs.

Casco will build your cables to match your exact requirements.

  • All cables can be made to your custom length, pinout, and labeling requirements
  • Custom telco assemblies with ground strap available
  • T1 Cables available
  • Custom hydra/octopus cables made to your exact requirement

Telco Cables/PBX Features

Cable Types

  • Type: Tin copper or Bare copper
    Shielded or Non-shielded
    PVC or Plenum
  • Pair Count: 25 PR, 32 PR, 50 PR, 100 PR, 200 PR
  • Category: 3 & 5E

Hood Exits

  • 90°
  • 120°
  • 180

Connector Styles

  • Bail Lock
  • Spring Clip

Hydra & Octopus Cables Features

Hydra & Octopus Cables

  • When ordering Hydra/Octopus cables, specify the number of legs, length, pinout and cable type
  • Cables can be made with staggering lengths and any labeling variations

Cable Types

  • Type: Solid or Stranded
  • Pair Count: 2 PR, 3 PR, 4 PR, 25 PR, 100 PR, 200 PR
  • Category: 3 & 5E


  • Telco: 36 pin, 50 pin, 64 pin
  • Modular: RJ11, RJ12, RJ45
  • D-Sub: DB9, DB15, DB25

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